October 12– Coulter Roache Lawyers – Legal Q&A with Anne O’Loughlin

Australian notes and money

Coulter Roache LogoAnne O’Loughlin from Coulter Roache discusses child support with Mitchell Dye in today’s Legal Q&A.

On myths around child support…

“There some of the myths that you hear- without being stereotypical- is that ‘I have to pay a hundred or two hundred dollars in child support, how do I know that, that goes to the children and that she is just not spending it on herself,’ and whereas I think the reality is, in most households there is a certain amount of income that comes in and the children still have to be provided for so child support probably just goes in to the general pot of money that people have to support themselves. But there are a couple of different ways to look at how people pay their child support…”

On regularity of payment and consequences… 

“The amount of arrears in child support in this country is massive, where people are avoiding their obligation to pay child support, and if you don’t pay child support then ultimately if you want to leave the country and you’re in arrears of child support there can be something called departure prohibition order, which can be put in place and prohibits the person who owes the child support from leaving the country.”


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