Health Minister using hospitals as political footballs: surgeon

Paediatric surgeon, Professor Paddy Dewan has attacked the Victorian Health Minister’s announcement on paediatric surgical services in Geelong as irresponsible and “irrational”.

David Davis announced on Friday that a $36m intensive care unit will be used for paediatric surgery cases in Geelong, enabling more complex surgery to be performed, with a surgeon visiting once per two weeks.

“Anyone with any knowledge of surgery would be aware that twice daily review is required by the surgeon of a patient in intensive care!”, said Professor Dewan. “”To expect that complex cases requiring intensive care will be operated on in Geelong is clearly irrational in the extreme.”

“Geelong is a marginal seat. The misuse of information and the resort to spin to make politically motivated announcements in election campaigns is a practice that conflicts with the public interest and demeans those responsible. In health care, such misrepresentation is deplorable.”

2 Comments on Health Minister using hospitals as political footballs: surgeon

  1. I respect Paddy Dewan’s criticism of Minister Davis. In Stawell many people would agree that Davis should not be Health Minister.

  2. David Davis is a truly deceitful health minister. He has attacked ambos calling them stooges, thugs, and grubs. He has outright denied a crisis in the health system blaming unions for fabricating what is has proven to be a struggling health and ambulance system. The sooner he’s gone, the better off we will all be.

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