Current councillors standing for re-election in 2020

Cr Owen Sharkey Golden Plains Mayor Cr Owen Sharkey, who is standing again

On 9 July we contacted all councillors in the Borough of Queenscliffe, Golden Plains Shire and Surf Coast Shire to see if they planned to stand for re-election in the 2020 local government elections.

Here is what they said:

Borough of Queenscliffe

Standing again:

  • Cr Ross Ebbels
  • Cr Rob Minty

Not standing again:

  • Cr Bob Merriman

No response yet:

  • Cr Boyce Pizzey
  • Cr Susan Salter

Golden Plains Shire

Standing again:

  • Cr Owen Sharkey

Not standing again:

No response yet:

  • Cr David Evans
  • Cr Joanne Gilbert
  • Cr Helena Kirby
  • Cr Des Phelan
  • Cr Les Rowe

Surf Coast Shire

Standing again:

  • Cr David Bell (Torquay)
  • Cr Martin Duke (Torquay)
  • Cr Tony Revell (Anglesea)
  • Cr Heather Wellington (Winchelsea)

Not sure:

  • Cr Rose Hodge

Not standing again:

  • Cr Brian McKiterick
  • Cr Margot Smith

No response yet:

  • Cr Clive Goldsworthy
  • Cr James McIntyre

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  1. Re list for Borough of Q’cliffe
    Rob Minty has responded & is running again

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