Commit to Community TV

Channel 31 ( provides a great service to the community, offering equal access to the airwaves, but the station's transmitter licence is not secured past December 31 this year.According to the Commit to Community Television website: "Unlike all other broadcasters, Community Television stations do not automatically receive the right to operate a transmitter when they are licensed to operate a broadcasting service.  At the moment, Community Television stations are licensed through to mid-2019 – but their transmitter licences expire on 31 December 2014.  To continue transmitting beyond that date, the Minister for Communications, Malcolm Turnbull, needs to make a decision about the future of Community Television.  Without a positive decision, Community Television will be forced off air by the end of this year."

The station is asking people to show their support by calling on the Minister for Communications Malcolm Turnbull to Commit to Community Television and extend their transmitter licence.  At the time of writing, nearly 2500 people have committed through the Commit to Community Television website.

Richard McLelland, the General Manager of Channel 31 joined Mitchell’s Front Page to talk about the campaign.

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