Paul Barker

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Paul BarkerLiberal Democrats

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Our rates are too high, the council wastes too much money and hides too much from you.

I will be your voice for smarter spending of your money and greater transparency.

I’ll do everything in my power so that you can freely enjoy this magnificent corner of the world.

I’ll fight to unlock Torquay and cut council red tape that will strangle recovery.

For an explanation of my principles, check out the videos on my website.

I’ve given significant public service through my 9 years with the Royal Australian Air Force, participating in domestic and overseas operations and instructional roles.

As a skydive instructor, I have safely taken over 1,000 people for exceptionally fun and breath-taking views over Torquay.

As a truck driver, motorcyclist and cyclist I understand the needs of all road users.

Having run businesses and employed people I understand the issues business operators face and will work to alleviate some of that stress.

I volunteer with animal rescues, donate blood, help my neighbours, care deeply about our environment and would vigorously support other community-led voluntary and environmental action.

Now, more than ever we need to get council back to the basics, unlock the Surf Coast and get council out of the way of the recovery.

Financial responsibility is vitally important to me in the delivery of services and assessments for tenders of capital projects.

When you vote for me, you can know I will be your voice for smarter spending and greater transparency of council activities.

As an endorsed candidate for the Liberal Democrats, I will always vote to limit rate increases, oppose council over-regulation and support your access to public land.

If you already have a first choice, vote 2 for me.

If you value what I value, vote 1 for Paul Barker.

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