Naomi Adams

Candidate for Bellarine (Greater Geelong)

Naomi AdamsAnimal Justice Party



Past Elections: 2017 Geelong Council Election (Bellarine Ward), 2018 Victorian State Election (Bellarine), 2019 Federal Election (Corangamite)

Primary Vote Last Time: 7.80% / 0.31 quotas

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I have lived in Ocean Grove for 13 years and love the community atmosphere and beautiful environment. I live with my two rescue dogs and I foster animals when I can.

With qualifications in psychology, social welfare and community services I have over 20 years’ experience in a range of community and health services, including on the Bellarine Peninsula for nine years. When working in community health I was proud to represent my team as a union delegate. Prior to this career I worked predominantly in sales and hospitality sectors.

As a volunteer protecting local wildlife, I would like to see the Lake Connewarre wetlands, which are so close to housing estates in the Bellarine and Kardinia wards, become family friendly, safe, eco-tourism locations. I also want to see an end to the use of dangerous poison baits that have devastating effects not only on the targeted species, but on native wildlife and domestic animals. I look forward to contributing positively to the Domestic Animal Management Plan (DAMP). We need to address backyard breeding, assist disadvantaged community members to get access to affordable de-sexing, registration and microchipping for companion animals, and I will advocate for instant re-unification when animals become lost.

I am also deeply concerned about preserving local businesses on the Bellarine and believe Council must provide assistance for recovery from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. I am also keen to see improved public transport and bike paths. I am passionate about protecting green spaces and wildlife corridors on our beautiful peninsula, and back environmental projects that support our oceans and beaches. I recognise the reality of the climate emergency, and also our potential to contribute to the reduction of further environmental harm.

I will advocate for the well-being of all residents of the Bellarine community – animals and humans alike.

Proudly endorsed by the Animal Justice Party, whose values are kindness, equality, rationality and non-violence, and the same values guide my decision making in all areas of my life.

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