Jen Gamble

Candidate for Kardinia (Greater Geelong)

Animal Justice Party


Past Elections: None

Primary Vote Last Time: 2.24% / 0.09 quotas

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I am a registered nurse who works in the operating theatre at the local hospital. Outside of my full-time role in serving the community through work, I keep busy looking after my 2 rescue cats and dogs, fostering cats for a local rescue group and volunteering as a wildlife rescuer for a number of groups across the Greater Geelong area. I have a strong sense of justice, believing that all lives have value, and care deeply for both our human community and the animals who share this environment with us.
I attend Grovedale Baptist Church, and help run the state perioperative nurses group organising conferences and education for my peers across Victoria. I also serve on the Victorian Committee of the Animal Justice Party. I am committed to all the organisations I work with and work hard to try and serve the community through these roles.
My vision for the City of Greater Geelong is one where everyone is safe and actively engaged in making the city a better place to live in. The role of Council is to make our community ties stronger and to serve the needs of the people. I believe that with a broad vision that brings everyone together, a more kind, compassionate and healthier Geelong can be realised.
I am very concerned that too much of the natural habitat of local wildlife is being lost to development and want to see better protection for our wildlife. I would like to see the Geelong Animal Welfare Society (GAWS) supported more by Council to prevent any animal from losing their life unnecessarily and to support GAWS staff in the important work they do.

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