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I am running in this election because I want to shape a better future for the Borough and be a voice for our community, particularly young families.

I believe action is needed now to respond to the twin crises of climate change and COVID-19, to promote economic recovery and development of the Borough while preserving what makes it such a special place.


We are in the midst of a climate emergency; our beaches are eroding and we are vulnerable to rising sea levels. While Council has taken steps to minimise our carbon footprint and prepare for the long-term impacts, I believe we have more to do.

That is why I will work to:

• Reduce Council’s emissions to net-zero;
• Encourage the switch to electric vehicles and renewable energy sources;
• Install rapid electric vehicle charging stations in public spaces.


We have done a great job staying healthy during this pandemic, but we have not been immune to its economic impact. Now more than ever, the Borough needs a Council that frees businesses from regulation and helps them recover.

I will therefore look to:

• Reduce red tape for businesses, support increased outdoor dining and assist with COVID safe plans;
• Establish a hub for playgroups, children’s activities and a toy library;
• Improve and build new footpaths, bike tracks and safe crossings, and refurbish the skate park;
• Advocate for public transport improvements including a better bike lane on Shell Road to Ocean Grove and faster and new bus, train and ferry services to Geelong and Melbourne.

I am an experienced lawyer with expertise in property and a special interest in planning and environmental issues.

I believe in projects which enhance and protect our community for the future.

As the Borough’s representative, I will be accessible, honest and effective.

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