Surf Coast Shire

Surf Coast Shire Mayor Cr Rose Hodge
Surf Coast Shire Mayor Cr Rose Hodge

The 2016 election result for Surf Coast Shire suggested that the community was generally happy with their councilors with all existing councilors who stood being returned. Since then, two councilors have resigned causing a countback and a by-election.

The VEC undertook a subdivision review of Surf Coast Shire and handed down their final report on 8 April 2020. The new boundary changes involve decreasing the size of Torquay and Winchelsea wards and increasing the size of Anglesea and Lorne wards.

The 2020 election will use the new boundaries for the first time.


Voting has closed. This page will be updated as results are received from the VEC and scrutineers watching the count.

Enrolment: 33,943

Voter Turnout: 25,526 (75.20% of total enrolment)

Informal Votes: 833 (3.26% of total votes)

Formal Votes: 24,693

Elected Candidates

Torquay (Surf Coast)
1stKate GazzardGreens
2ndLiz PattisonIndependent
3rdRose HodgeIndependent
4thPaul BarkerLiberal Democrats
Anglesea (Surf Coast)
1stLibby StapletonIndependent
2ndMike BodsworthIndependent
Winchelsea (Surf Coast)
1stHeather WellingtonIndependent
2ndAdrian SchonfelderIndependent
Lorne (Surf Coast)
Gary AllenIndependent

Party Vote

Liberal Democrats


This map features the new ward boundaries for 2020:

Wards and Candidates

Torquay (Surf Coast)

10 candidates, 4 vacancies. Torquay (Surf Coast) electorate profile and candidates

Maurice ColeIndependentView
Amber PotterIndependentView
Kate GazzardGreensView
Martin DukeIndependentView
Paul BarkerLiberal DemocratsView
Rose HodgeIndependentView
Rob BullenIndependentView
Monica WinstonIndependentView
Liz PattisonIndependentView
David BellIndependentView

Anglesea (Surf Coast)

5 candidates, 2 vacancies. Anglesea (Surf Coast) electorate profile and candidates

Libby StapletonIndependentView
Tony RevellIndependentView
Raylene FordhamIndependentView
Mike BodsworthIndependentView
Liz WoodIndependentView

Winchelsea (Surf Coast)

5 candidates, 2 vacancies. Winchelsea (Surf Coast) electorate profile and candidates

Kirsty MetcalfIndependentView
Heather WellingtonIndependentView
Adrian SchonfelderIndependentView
James McIntyreIndependentView
Tony PhelpsIndependentView

Lorne (Surf Coast)

1 candidates, 1 vacancy. Lorne (Surf Coast) electorate profile and candidates

Gary AllenIndependentView

Subdivision Review

The subdivision review was completed by the VEC on Wednesday 8 April 2020. Read more on the VEC website.

Summary of Changes

Ward (councillors)Old BoundariesNew Boundaries
Anglesea (2)6,903 -10.09%7,235 -5.76%
Lorne (1)3,349 -12.76%4,117 +7.25%
Winchelsea (2)7,619 -0.76%7,411 -3.47%
Torquay (4)16,678 +8.62%15,786 +2.81%

You can view each ward below with the old boundaries in grey and the proposed new boundaries for this election in purple: