“Geelong can cope with several hundred extra people”- Michael Martinez, Diversitat CEO

MItchell Dye speaking to Diversitat CEO MIchael Martinez MItchell Dye speaking to Diversitat CEO MIchael Martinez

Mitchell Dye speaks to Diversitat CEO Michael Martinez on the Geelong waterfront following an announcement by Geelong community leaders regarding Geelong’s ability to assist Syrian refugees.

On Diversitat’s announcement…

It’s a welcome message for Syrian refugees to the Geelong community.. what it is, is us saying that Geelong can cope with several hundred extra people, and we’ve had a bunch of community organisations affirming that including some business people, so leading community organisations, so really a welcome message because we’ve all been touched by what’s been happening…

On Geelong’s attributes…

As you’ve seen… We’ve already got a very sustainable settlement program, we’ve been doing it for many years, we’ve got a lot of really highly skilled staff, we’ve got the housing stock, we’ve got the educational facilities, we’ve got the community facilities, there are jobs contrary to the doom and gloom of what comes out of, particularly the Melbourne media… but it’s more than that, we’ve got a safe environment, it’s not as busy and as hazard and crazy as Melbourne and people really do feel welcome.

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