Drug testing for youth on welfare will lead to increased crime: Noffs Foundation

Drug testing lab

Matt Noffs, CEO of the Noffs Foundation, believes the government needs to “stop playing silly buggers with young lives.”

“We are playing with the community’s safety here and we’re playing with young Australian’s lives. Drug testing is very likely to result in an increase in criminal activity because it doesn’t address the very real reasons drug dependency develops in the first place, including experiences of trauma and poverty.”

“If we are to take this seriously, before we even implement a policy like this, we should be rigorously researching the implications of taking away freedom from young people whose lives have already been destroyed by drugs, trauma, and poverty, and let’s focus on the results in a couple of years’ time. I believe the situation will be made worse, and we will see an increase in crime. I hope that those who are so eager to punish vulnerable young Australians are prepared to wear the consequences.”

He spoke to Mitchell’s Front Page about the policy.

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