Are you in control of your debt?

Wiley Sims from Smartline talks about getting in control of your debt. He posed the following questions that people should be asking themselves:

Credit cards

  1. Do I always pay rent/mortgage and utilities on time?
  2. Do I save 10% of my net income?
  3. Do I try to keep 3 months net income in reserve for emergencies? Most people would struggle if they had no income for a month.
  4. Do I plan for large expenses such as car rego & insurances?
  5. Do I set goals financially and plan with a budget? (write them down – difference between planning and dreaming)
  6. Do I spend no more than 15% of my income on credit payments? (excluding mortgage)
  7. Do I comparison shop for most good and services I buy?
  8. Do I use credit only for expensive purchases and ensure I have the income to cover the charges?
  9. Do I reduce my credit card to zero balance each month?
  10. Do I know what the interest rates are on my mortgage, credit cards and other loans?

Contact Wiley Sims on 1300 280 342 for more information.

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