TikTok, time’s up says digital expert

Digital and Online Expert Nate Anema says time is up for TikTok. “I personally agree with the push to either ban TikTok or to at the very least, implement a stronger age restriction and a clearer outline of the social media platform’s current terms and conditions,” he said. “After reading through the terms and services I was shocked at just what exactly a user is giving TikTok permission to do.” “As it stands, TikTok can and most probably are harvesting your information and the information of those around you, on and off the platform. “Reaching into your personal contacts, other social platforms, and even into your browser history.” “This, combined with the extremely low age signup, means that not only is Tik Tok collecting information about you at the early age of 12, but in some cases, there has been reports of child predators using the platform for their own personal gain.”