How immunotherapy has transformed cancer care

Stem cell

Everyone knows someone who has had cancer.

Julie Adams,  Specialist Cancer Services Pharmacist; Co-Director of View Health – [email protected] spoke to the program about immunotherapy treatments for cancer, in some cases replacing the traditional approach of chemotherapy.

“Back in 2013 a quiet revolution took place that not many non-medical people even heard about or understood,” she said.

” It was the discovery and launch of a new type of cancer therapy. A drug that instead of killing cells like traditional chemotherapy, boosted the patient’s own immune system to destroy the cancer cells naturally.”

“Since then, the number of immunotherapy drugs has boomed and it’s estimated by 2026, it’s expected to become the cancer treatment of choice, with an estimated 60% of previously treated cancer patients likely to adopt immunotherapy.”

“While immunotherapy doesn’t work for everyone or for every form of cancer, its development is hugely encouraging for the future of cancer care.”

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