Windermere Ward

2 councillors

Facts about Windermere Ward

Suburbs: Anakie, Avalon, Balliang, Batesford, Bell Park, Bell Post Hill, Corio, Fyansford, Hamlyn Heights, Herne Hill, Lara, Little River, Lovely Banks, Moorabool, Norlane, North Geelong, North Shore, Point Wilson, Staughton Vale

Voters: 33,521 voters

Area: 708.84 sq km.

Quota: 11,174 votes required to be elected, subject to change based on voter turnout, informal votes and changes to the roll

Candidates Forum: Wednesday, 7 October at 1:30pm | Submit a question

Current Representatives: Anthony Aitken, Kylie Grzybek

Number of Candidates Last Time: 11 candidates in 2017

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Candidates (5):

Anthony AitkenIndependentView
Monique ConnellIndependentView
Kylie GrzybekIndependentView
Sarah HathwaySocialist AllianceView
Enamul HaqueIndependentView

 Anthony Aitken

Anthony AitkenIndependent


Political views: Unknown/Undisclosed[source]

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Interview with Mitchell Dye on December 3rd 2019:

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 Monique Connell

Monique ConnellIndependent

Political views: Put Climate First Alliance[source]

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Interview with Mitchell Dye on September 15th 2020:

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 Kylie Grzybek

Kylie GrzybekIndependent


Political views: Proud Union Member[source]

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Interview with Mitchell Dye on July 14th 2020:

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 Sarah Hathway

Sarah HathwaySocialist Alliance

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Interview with Mitchell Dye on November 7th 2018:

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 Enamul Haque


Political views: Unknown/Undisclosed

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Other electorates in this election:

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Last Time


Windermere is the only ward in the City of Greater Geelong with two councillors due to its smaller population. The 2017 result in Windermere showed Anthony Aitken achieve 0.86 quotas on his own, over double the votes of any other candidate. As the clear front-runner he was easily elected into the first position early in the count.

The race for the second position was very open with a number of candidates finishing on a very similar number of votes between 0.2-0.4 quotas.

Kylie Gryzbek was ultimately elected in the 21st count on the exclusion of Jordan Grossman. She was 2,033 votes ahead of the only other candidate left – David Withington. She was helped along by strong preference flows from Jordan Grossman and Marina Kozul.

Top 6 Candidates By Primary Vote in 2017

The graph shows the primary vote for each candidate, what order they were elected in, the number of quotas they received and the percentage of the vote. In a contest with two vacancies, one quota is approximately 33% of the vote.

Windermere Top 6

How Each Successful Candidate Was Elected

These graphs show the key preferences that went to the successful candidates from other candidates.

Anthony Aitken

Kylie Grzybek

Previous Candidates Forums

Mitchell Dye with the Windermere candidates

Listen back to the 2017 Windermere Forum from October 2, 2017: