Winchelsea Ward

2 councillors

Facts about Winchelsea Ward

Suburbs: Bellbrae, Buckley, Freshwater Creek, Gherang, Moriac, Mount Duneed, Modewarre, Mount Moriac, Papaparap, Winchelsea, Wurdibolluc, parts of Barrabool, Connewarre, Gnarwarre, Inverleigh, Torquay and Ombersley

Voters: 7,724 voters

Area: 873 sq km.

Quota: 2,575 votes required to be elected, subject to change based on voter turnout, informal votes and changes to the roll

Candidates Forum: Tuesday, 6 October at 1:30pm | Submit a question

Current Representatives: Heather Wellington, Carol McGregor. Carol McGregor resigned in June 2019, James McIntyre elected in a countback in July 2019.

Number of Candidates Last Time: 5 candidates in 2016

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The purple area indicates the new boundaries for the 2020 election, the grey area indicates the 2012-2020 boundaries.


Candidates (4):

Adrian SchonfelderIndependentView
Heather WellingtonIndependentView
James McIntyreIndependentView
Tony PhelpsIndependentView

 Adrian Schonfelder

Adrian SchonfelderIndependent

Political views: Labor[source]

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 Heather Wellington

Heather WellingtonIndependent

CouncillorAttending Forum

Political views: Former Labor Member[source]

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Interview with Mitchell Dye on July 20th 2020:

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 James McIntyre

James McIntyreIndependent

CouncillorAttending Forum

Political views: Unknown/Undisclosed

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 Tony Phelps

Tony PhelpsIndependent

Attending Forum

Political views: Unknown/Undisclosed

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