Bellarine Ward

3 councillors


Enrolment: 59,140

Voter Turnout: 33,264 (56.25% of total enrolment)

Informal Votes: 2,324 (6.99% of total votes)

Formal Votes: 30,940

Vacancies: 3

Quota: 7,736

Elected Candidates

2ndTrent SullivanIndependent
3rdJim MasonIndependent

Primary Vote

Trent Sullivan 2nd
Jim Mason 3rd
Cory Wolverton
Tom O'Connor
Stephen Simmonds
Elise Wilkinson
Tom Harrison
Naomi Adams
Michael Fairweather

Party Vote:

Animal Justice Party

Full Results:

Trent SullivanIndependent5,58018.03%0.72+9.46%
Jim MasonIndependent5,48617.73%0.71+6.67%
Cory WolvertonGreens4,38814.18%0.57+14.18%
Tom O'ConnorIndependent3,88112.54%0.50+12.54%
Stephen SimmondsIndependent3,61511.68%0.47+11.68%
Elise WilkinsonIndependent3,39710.98%0.44+10.98%
Tom HarrisonIndependent3,0519.86%0.39+9.86%
Naomi AdamsAnimal Justice Party8682.81%0.11-4.99%
Michael FairweatherIndependent6742.18%0.09+2.18%

Distribution of Preferences

Bellarine Ward preference flow diagram

* indicates elected candidate. Click on graph to expand.

Facts about Bellarine Ward

Suburbs: Barwon Heads, Bellarine, Breamlea, Clifton Springs, Connewarre, Curlewis, Drysdale, Indented Head, Leopold, Mannerim, Marcus Hill, Moolap, Ocean Grove, Point Lonsdale, Portarlington, St Leonards, Swan Bay, Wallington

Voters: 59,140 voters

Area: 402.55 sq km.

Quota: 14,786 votes required to be elected, subject to change based on voter turnout, informal votes and changes to the roll

Candidates Forum: Thursday, 8 October at 1:30pm | Submit a question

Candidates Forum Live Stream

Current Representatives: Stephanie Asher, Jim Mason, Trent Sullivan

Number of Candidates Last Time: 12 candidates ran in 2017

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Candidates (9):

Tom O'ConnorIndependentView
Elise WilkinsonIndependentView
Trent SullivanIndependentView
Naomi AdamsAnimal Justice PartyView
Jim MasonIndependentView
Michael FairweatherIndependentView
Cory WolvertonGreensView
Tom HarrisonIndependentView
Stephen SimmondsIndependentView

 Tom O'Connor

Tom O'ConnorIndependent

Attending Forum

Political views: Unknown/Undisclosed

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3,881 votes - 12.54% - 0.50 quotas - +12.54% swing


Interview with Mitchell Dye on November 10th 2020:

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 Elise Wilkinson

Elise WilkinsonIndependent

Attending Forum

Political views: Put Climate First Alliance

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3,397 votes - 10.98% - 0.44 quotas - +10.98% swing


Interview with Mitchell Dye on October 13th 2020:

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 Trent Sullivan

Trent SullivanIndependent

CouncillorAttending Forum

Political views: Liberal[source]

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Elected 2nd 5,580 votes - 18.03% - 0.72 quotas - +9.46% swing


Interview with Mitchell Dye on October 8th 2020:

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 Naomi Adams

Naomi AdamsAnimal Justice Party

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868 votes - 2.81% - 0.11 quotas - -4.99% swing


Interview with Mitchell Dye on April 30th 2019:

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 Jim Mason

Jim MasonIndependent

CouncillorAttending Forum

Political views: Labor[source]

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Elected 3rd 5,486 votes - 17.73% - 0.71 quotas - +6.67% swing


Interview with Mitchell Dye on October 8th 2020:

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 Michael Fairweather


Political views: Unknown/Undisclosed

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674 votes - 2.18% - 0.09 quotas - +2.18% swing

 Cory Wolverton

Cory WolvertonGreens

Attending Forum

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4,388 votes - 14.18% - 0.57 quotas - +14.18% swing


Interview with Mitchell Dye on October 8th 2020:

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 Tom Harrison

Tom HarrisonIndependent

Attending Forum

Political views: Unknown/Undisclosed

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3,051 votes - 9.86% - 0.39 quotas - +9.86% swing


Interview with Mitchell Dye on October 8th 2020:

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 Stephen Simmonds


Attending Forum

Political views: Unknown/Undisclosed

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3,615 votes - 11.68% - 0.47 quotas - +11.68% swing

Interview with Mitchell Dye on October 8th 2020:

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Other electorates in this election:

Brownbill (Greater Geelong)- 12 candidates | Kardinia (Greater Geelong)- 12 candidates | Windermere (Greater Geelong)- 5 candidates | Golden Plains Shire- 13 candidates | Borough of Queenscliffe- 11 candidates | Torquay (Surf Coast)- 9 candidates | Anglesea (Surf Coast)- 5 candidates | Winchelsea (Surf Coast)- 5 candidates | Lorne (Surf Coast)- 1 candidates

Last Time


Stephanie Asher was a long way ahead of all other candidates in Bellarine Ward in 2017, receiving more than double the primary votes of any other candidate. She was the only candidate to get a quota in their own right in the 2017 Geelong elections, meaning that she was elected without any preferences.

This meant that the final two vacancies were more complicated and highly dependent on preference flows to decide the outcome.

Anne Brackley finished second in the primary vote, but missed out on being elected by 1,264 votes in the end.

Stephanie Asher was elected in the first count, but Jim Mason and Trent Sullivan were not elected until the very end in the 24th count.

Jim Mason benefited from a strong flow of preferences from Lindsay Ellis.

The election of Trent Sullivan appeared to be helped by a high position on the ballot paper. Sullivan was in 3rd position and received strong preferences from the Animal Justice Party candidate Naomi Adams who was in first position.

This election shows the importance of preferences in this system.

In this election, Greens candidate Stephen McGain was forced to retire due to being employed by the City of Greater Geelong as a lifeguard. Figures received from scrutineers at the 2017 count indicated that The Greens received around 7% of the primary vote.

Top 6 Candidates By Primary Vote in 2017

The graph shows the primary vote for each candidate, what order they were elected in, the number of quotas they received and the percentage of the vote. In a contest with three vacancies, one quota is approximately 25% of the vote.

Top 6 Bellarine Candidates in 2017

How Each Successful Candidate Was Elected

These graphs show the key preferences that went to the successful candidates from other candidates.

Jim Mason

Trent Sullivan

Previous Candidates Forums

Mitchell Dye with the Bellarine candidates

Listen back to the 2017 Bellarine Forum from October 2, 2017: