Ross Ebbels

Candidate for Borough of Queenscliffe

Ross EbbelsIndependent

CouncillorAttending Forum

Political views: Unknown/Undisclosed

Past Elections: None

Primary Vote Last Time: 7.66% / 0.46 quotas

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I am a current first term councillor and also the Current Mayor for the Borough of Queenscliffe.

I must say when I accepted the role of Mayor I was not expecting, like the rest of the world what was about to come.
It certainly took a couple of years as a part time councillor to understand the processes of Local Government and how to get things done and to achieve your goals.

There were a lot of things I have not been able to do representing The Borough this year and I feel I still have a lot to offer our residents.

Most importantly as Mayor I now have a better understanding of what our local engaged community wants and needs. It is important to not forget the basics. We live in a beautiful part of our country and our locals want to keep it that way.

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