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I live in Anglesea with my wife Isabelle and two kids. I’m a Landscape Architect by profession, specialising in nature-based recreation and tourism planning and design. Isabelle’s the bread-winner in our family and I’m a house-dad. Our kids are in Years 4 and 7.
I worked for the Great Ocean Road Coast Committee for 8 years, in close collaboration with local community groups and agencies, including Council. Previously I worked for 10 years in W.A in planning, design and risk-management roles.
My key capabilities are in planning, design, project management, working with communities, risk management and conservation.
I’ve volunteered in various capacities over the years – most notably on the Anglesea Bike Park Committee of Management.
I’m an avid surfer, cyclist and lover of nature and the outdoors.
I’m a strong advocate for community empowerment and diversity. I’m big on nature and sustainability, protecting our towns’ small scale and the district’s unspoiled character – ensuring those values are preserved so they can continue to underpin our visitor economy. I’m concerned about the risk of ‘over-tourism’ and the potential loss of values held dear by locals and visitors alike.
I believe communities need access to good information to be able to make good decisions – and that Council can help provide that information.
I value openness, helpfulness, respect and honesty in working relationships.

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