August 3- Stephanie Asher talks about the ‘five Bs’

Stephanie Asher and Mitchell Dye

Stephanie Asher talks about the five Bs making news in her regular segment- Bronwyn Bishop, Booing, By-Election (in Kildare ward), Big Money (Simmonds Stadium) and ‘Bitey Things’ (Sharks).

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  1. Sandra Camm // August 6, 2015 at 8:39 pm // Reply

    Agreed with most of what Stephanie and Mitchell spoke of. However, unless you have lived to my age how would you know boo-ing was a latest craze? Boo-ing has been in the culture of football for as long as I attended in 50’s to ? I have never been a fan of it, but as a youngster probably became a part of it. Particularly when playing against a team which was “perceived” to have roughed up your favourite players last time or if the umpire wasn’t to the crowd’s liking. Yes sorry Steph. boo-ing has always been a part of the culture. Just ask about Collingwood or Carlton and some of their players of the past who were not the most popular blokes on the field…..sad with the Goodes thing that it was not explained the dance he did was taught him by the NT children and to my knowledge still has not been media wise, it should have been highlighted so people understood. Personally I believe the matter with the 13 yo could have been handled more delicately…..I didn’t recognise any of it as racist; what about reverse racism? I watched Stan Grant speaking of Goodes, I also watched him interview Goodes and was very impressed – a side of this young man which has not really been shown as well as it might through mainstream media. The way it has been handled has been a sensationalist selling paper style almost as if they were whipping everyone into a frenzy which didn’t really portray Adam in a kind way (my opinion) so that every body thought “suck it up” and get on with it. The indigenous players have always been so skilled, no matter where they were indigenous to. cheers.

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