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  1. 1. Will send email about same sex marriage to Steph.
    2. Women’s AFL – I saw for he first time last weekend a “girls” Modewarre and Newtown team playing a game at Drew Reserve prior to my grandson playing in his under 14 game. The girls were rougher than the boys in my opinion “is that the saying to be as good as a bloke in any walk of life, a girl has to be twice as tough?”
    3. Sledging: has always been a part of sport, I don’t like it, but just as I remarked about the football booing it has always been there. In softball we used to call out to the batter, “swinging like a pub door at 6” just one of the sayings there were plenty, we were very competitive. Never put us off our game, just rose above it. In basketball (now netball) it was more about the roughness which crept in.
    4. Dyson Hayden: it beggars belief that people in power positions would even consider compromising someone’s career, let alone the ruling party. Our politicians need a good kick up the backside any of the parties, they are not above reproach, what sort of staff do they have when a mistake as monumental as this one is made? Referenda cost huge amounts and if this has to become null and void. It is not only the labour lot wasting our dollars. I would ask what is the hidden agenda that many of these topics are sidelining the real issues such as the worrying CSG, Mining, TPIP, TPP and FTA are concerned; also native title rights which are being fought by the indigenous people yet do not seem to see the light of day as far as mainstream media is concerned.

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