Stephanie Asher on weekend events, goal setting and family violence

Stephanie Asher and Mitchell DyeStephanie Asher joined the program to talk further on internet trolls, whether you should judge a report by its contents or its disclaimer, a weekend of great Geelong events including the airshow and Pako Festa, last week’s Q&A on domestic violence and using the start of Autumn and March as time to review goals.

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1 Comment on Stephanie Asher on weekend events, goal setting and family violence

  1. Jeff Gordon // March 3, 2015 at 8:40 pm // Reply

    I listened to your radio program from Monday! Loved it! you’re a gem Stephanie Asher, great work. Brave, open and unguarded the way a real conversation should be. It’s discussions like this that help make talking about sensitive subjects ok. I sincerely wish some of our politicians would follow your lead. But I guess that’s why you are a leader and they could learn a little something from you. Just my humble opinion. Thank you.

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