Locally crowdfunded film project set to capture stories of ‘industrial past and creative future’

Fyansford Paper Mills

Local crowdfunding film research project ‘Hubcaps to Creative Hubs’ is set to start filming over four Geelong locations this week in a collaborative effort between Deakin University, the University of Melbourne and Creative Geelong Inc.

Deakin University and Creative Geelong Inc have partnered with a leading television documentary producer Nick Searle to tell the stories of Geelong’s industrial sites currently undergoing creative transformations pointing to a new creative and maker culture.

Creative Geelong Inc President Jennifer Cromarty said filming will include three of Geelong’s former industrial sites currently undergoing a creative transformation: Old Paper Mills in Fyansford, R.S.S. Woollen and Worsted Mills in Rutland Street Newtown; and Federal Woollen Mills in North Geelong.

“The films will be shot and produced by director and program developer Nicholas Searle. Once completed, the films will encourage further investment in the local economy and provide broadcast-quality marketing material for the region to help promote and strengthen the local creative industries sector. Creative industries across the G21 region account for 8% of all employment with over 7,800 jobs. The role of creative industries in our region is helping shape our Clever & Creative future.”

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