Australians start to turn away from Facebook for communicating with family and friends

Australians are turning their backs on Facebook in favour of communicating directly with family, friends and colleagues via messaging apps, with one in three or 3.9 million users of messaging apps having already deleted or actively considering abandoning the social platform.

The findings come from a project called ‘Datafication’, which looks at how Australians use social media. The project discovered that 10% of the 2,359 survey participants had already deleted Facebook, with a further 23% considering a future removal.
Douglas Nicol, leader of the Datafication project and partner at creative agency The Works said: “The rise of the ‘deleter’ highlights that we are entering a new phase of not just social media but also how we communicate as humans. We are starting to reject the broadcast style of newsfeed interaction and returning to real conversations with our real friends. We reckon this is a pretty healthy trend for society.”
He spoke to Mitchell’s Front Page about the shift.


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