August 22- Talking Freely with Stephanie Asher

Stephanie Asher

Stephanie Asher joined David Cecil for her weekly segment, Talking Freely.

Up for discussion was the same-sex marriage plebiscite, the ‘Senate School’ and local sporting infrastructure.

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  1. Great work you mentioned Drysdale sporting precinct this morning on Monday August 29. Well done. I think another valid point is the Drysdale area, is not a marginal seat like the Corangamite seat. By keeping things marginal helps secure funding look what has happened at Ocean Grove with Shell Road. Ocean Grove is in the Corangamite seat. Corangamite is arguably one of the most marginal seats in the country. Drysdale is the poor cousin because it is a safe Labor seat in Corio even though the project is state and council funded. I believe that is another valid reason outside no councillors currently why there is no progress at the Drysdale sporting precinct.

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