2018 Victorian Election

Victoria goes to the polls on November 24, 2018- marking the end of the first term of the Andrews Labor government.

In Geelong, the government holds the districts of Lara, Geelong and Bellarine while the opposition holds Polwarth and South Barwon.

In the upper house, all Geelong districts are located in the Western Victoria Region, currently represented by two government members, two opposition members and one member from the crossbench.

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Election Timeline

Polling Day- November 24

Latest Interview

  • Frank Wheatland, Mitchell Dye, Andrew Katos and Magdalena Wheatland February 13- Andrew Katos MLA (2/16/2018) - Andrew Katos MLA, Member for South Barwon appeared on Mitchell’s Front Page live in Torquay.  Andrew Katos Liberal MP View all interviews with Andrew Katos View 1 other candidates for South Barwon




1 candidates, 1 vacancy. Bellarine electorate profile and candidates

Lisa NevilleLaborView


1 candidates, 1 vacancy. Geelong electorate profile and candidates

Christine CouzensLaborView


1 candidates, 1 vacancy. Lara electorate profile and candidates

John ErenLaborView


1 candidates, 1 vacancy. Polwarth electorate profile and candidates

Richard RiordanLiberalView

South Barwon

2 candidates, 1 vacancy. South Barwon electorate profile and candidates

Darren CheesemanLaborView
Andrew KatosLiberalView

Western Victoria (Upper House)

5 candidates, 5 vacancies. Western Victoria (Upper House) electorate profile and candidates

Simon RamsayLiberalView
Josh MorrisLiberalView
Jaala PulfordLaborView
James PurcellVote 1 Local JobsView
Gayle TierneyLaborView